How to Use Shared Hosting For Your Blog

shared hosting for blog

You’ve finally decided to share your thoughts and views with the world by creating your new blog. As you start this journey, you’ll have to decide on the best webhosting package that’s right for you. Free hosting plans come with a significant amount of issues and limitations. So avoid the technical hassles you’ll face with it. Luckily, there are several hosting options to choose from, including shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. As a newbie blogger, choose an inexpensive shared hosting plan for your blog from a reliable and reputable hosting company.

Today, we’ll share what makes a good hosting solution, the pros of shared hosting and why it’s an ideal hosting option for your blog website. Plus we’ll explore was to use a sitebuilder package with hosting for your blog. Here’s another article we did on Why Shared Hosting is still the Popular Choice.

What Makes a Good Hosting Service?

A good shared hosting plan is highly based on the web hosting company that provides it. As a beginner it can get rather confusing, so we’ve put together a simple checklist of what to look for in a good web hosting Company:

  • Security: Secure web hosting is essential. Are there negative customer security review? Double-check if they have SSL certificates and if they offer it to customers as well. SSL Certificates aid with the encryption of data, for secure web hosting purposes.
  • Reliability: A reliable webhosting company that has 99.9% uptime will result in your website staying online as well.
  • Cost: Shared hosting plans are the most affordable hosting plans on the market. If you find the prices, seem higher than the norm then look for another company.
  • Backups: It is vital that you do regular website backups. Ensure your hosting provider offers you website backup options.
  • Customer service: The fact is that you are likely to run into issues when you start building your site. Should any issues come up it’s important that you chose a hosting service that has great customer service.
  • Email: Having a professional email address with the same domain as your URL is a good business move. So make sure that your hosting provider allows you to add on email as well.

Now that you know what to look for in a reliable web hosting company, it’s time to explore what shared hosting is and why it is perfect for your blog.

What’s the definition of shared hosting?

Shared hosting allows you to get cheap web hosting because you share a single server with multiple users. A single server facilitates thousands of independent websites. However, each account gets its own domain name and resources. Shared hosting is ideal for smaller websites and blogs that do not require advanced configurations or resources to run smoothly.

With shared hosting, you and all the other server users will have access to the server resources and features such as disc space, databases, FTP accounts email accounts and other add-ons. Most hosting companies including ours provide secure web hosting services for shared plans. We provide good tech-support with the ability to install additional security plugins for better security measures and added protection.

Find a home (Host) for your blog

When shopping around to find the perfect home for your blog website, the easiest option is to choose a web hosting plan that already includes cPanel. With this option, you can connect a WordPress blog for example. Hosting plans typically provide fast web hosting for blogs and are fully capable of managing high traffic websites. Plus, web hosting plans with cPanel come with many benefits like the ability to create custom emails.

However there’s a second option. You can opt for a website builder to create an attractive blog in minutes from pre-designed templates. And don’t worry, we’ve already gone ahead to find a sitebuilder plan which already includes hosting. If you choose to go the traditional way of hosting your blog on a shared plan, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Register your domain name
  • Select a web hosting service
  • Choose a blogging platform (CMS or website builder)

It’s also easy for you to migrate your existing WordPress blog to a shared plan or start a new one using the Softaculous 1-click web app installer. It’s important to have a reliable website backup if you choose to migrate your website.

Why choose shared hosting for your blog?

Shared hosting allows you to start your blog website even while on a budget. It’s a great way to start your blog. Once your blog requires more resources you can then transition or upgrade to another hosting solution with ease.

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

The benefit of shared hosting goes beyond its affordability. It can help you build, monitor and manage a thriving and successful blog. Here are some other ways shared hosting can benefit your website.

1. It’s the cheapest web hosting solution

Shared hosting offers great value for beginners. As a newbie to web hosting, it’s not advised that you spend a lot of your money on a product that you’re not keen on using just yet. Cheap and easy to use shared hosting allows you to do just that. It’s an affordable and easy way to get your website up and running fast. Other web hosting services usually cost significantly more.

Also, shared hosting generally comes equipped with web hosting with cPanel control panel. So, you don’t need to understand or know coding or programming. With Shared hosting, everything you require is only a few clicks away.

Did you know that when you choose the website builder with hosting on,  shared hosting is offered with the sitebuilder? Learn more sitebuilder with hosting here.

2. Ability to Scalability

Gone are the days when Shared hosting didn’t facilitate scalability. We offer different types of shared hosting packages. Smaller plans are naturally cheaper with less allocation for bandwidth, disk space and RAM. But, you can opt for a medium-range or large shared hosting package instead. It all depends on your need.

Should you exhaust the resources of the smallest shared hosting package, simply increase your resources by getting a bigger shared plan. Alternatively, you can get one of the larger plans from the get-go.

3. The Perfect starting point for new bloggers

Shared hosting is the perfect introduction to web hosting for new website owners. You’ll get all the necessary resources to create and run a successful site at a reasonable price. If you’re just starting out, don’t overextend yourself or your budget for a more expensive plan. Return when your audience grows to select a plan withi more resources and power such as VPS and dedicated server hosting.

Shared hosting already provides practically everything you will need to grow your website. Truth is, many websites expand their reach and are successful with just the resources shared hosting offers. But, shared hosting is regarded as a starting point for some, and if that is the case for you, simply upgrade to one of our other hosting plans.

Are You Ready For A Shared Hosting Plan?

As mentioned several times above, if you are interested in web hosting cheap and reliable, shared hosting is an ideal option. Bloggers and start-ups usually find shared hosting to be the best fit. At Hostific we provide several secure web hosting services provide and offer some of the best web hosting packages. If you have questions about shared hosting leave them in the comments below. We’re happy to continue the conversation.