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Resolve WordPress Emails Not Sending Problem for Free

Resolve WordPress Emails Not Sending Problem for Free - Image #1

Trouble sending your emails from WordPress? Alternatively, are your emails sending but instead of ending up in your recipients’ inbox, they are going straight to the spam folder? A worse scenario yet, are your emails being blocked before even arriving in your recipients’ inbox? Yikes!

Not to worry there is a solution to this problem and we’re here to help you get through it with ease. If you’re worried about needing tech knowledge to move past this hurdle, our advice is non-technical, free and easy to follow. We’ll have your WordPress site emails working again in no time. In this blog post, we’ll outline what’s wrong with your website’s emails. After that, we’ll walk you through a quick and easy step-by-step process to fix the problem while making your website’s emails more reliable.

There is no cost involved as the solution will be 100% free for most WordPress sites (this depends on the volume of emails you send daily). This solution will work for any type of WordPress email with the following issues:

  • User registration emails for WordPress aren’t sending
  • Contact Forms on WordPress are not sending emails
  • WooCommerce plugin for WordPress not sending emails

Above we shared examples of WordPress emails not sending. This fix will work for any email problems you’ve been having with your WordPress emails not sending. Let’s get started.

Problems that Cause WordPress Emails Not to Send

We can pinpoint the main reason your WordPress emails aren’t sending to the default way WordPress sends emails. The default setting enables WordPress to send emails by utilizing your website’s hosting server (using wp_mail), which depends on PHP’s built-in mail (Function). The approach has the advantage of using no configuration steps to begin sending emails from your WordPress site. It automatically works once you install WordPress.

There are several problems with this default approach, which explains why you’re reading this post to troubleshoot your issues.

Most common reasons why emails do not send

  • WordPress hosts will limit or altogether disable PHP mail. This may interrupt your email sending.
  • Some emails go directly get filtered out or go to the spam folder. The issue is with the authentication of the emails. Due to mailing services like Gmail cracking down on email spam they mark unauthenticated emails as spam.
  • You may have a specialized problem. Hosting a website and sending emails reliably are two completely different functions. When you choose a WordPress host, it’s best to ensure that the hosts optimize their servers. This way your WordPress site loads quickly and reliably. This optimization is different from ending emails consistently.

Therefore, the best way to solve the issue of WordPress emails not sending is to choose a dedicated email service:

  1. This way your WordPress website’s server can solely focus on making your WordPress load faster.
  2. Your email server can focus on consistently delivering your emails to your recipients’ inboxes.

Fix Emails Not Sending With One Method

You can troubleshoot this issue easily by choosing to use your WordPress host’s SMTP server. An SMTP server is simply a webserver dedicated to sending emails. If you’re hosting your WordPress site through MonsterHost, we offer a free SMTP server in your cPanel service. This allows you to configure your settings to send your website’s emails. If you’re hosting elsewhere, you can contact your host’s technical support and ask for an SMTP server.

Just follow from step 1-4 to fix your email issue:

  1. Login and configure the details of your cPanel mailbox to use the following guide. This will be where your emails are sent from. If you don’t have this done already then follow our configuration guide.
  2. Set up an SMTP authentication using a cPanel mail account. This is accomplished in WordPress by downloading a plugin. We suggest WP Mail SMTP as your plugin of choice. Login to your WordPress account as an Administrator.
  3. Get the configuration of your email for the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Alternatively, to access it by getting it from your cPanel mail (look at number 5 of our guide). For your incoming and outgoing server details you can access them by the following steps:

cPanel > EMAIL > Email Accounts > click Manage > click Connect Devices

Resolve WordPress Emails Not Sending Problem for Free - Image #2
  1. Once you have the details of the SMTP server enter them in the space provided. Find the Mailer section and then follow the instructions on the screenshot below.
  2. Send a test email from your account by entering an email address and celebrate your victory!

Fix Your Email Sending Issues Today!

As a business owner, it can be frustrating dealing with issues of important emails not sending. The quick fix is to configure WordPress to use a dedicated email sending service. It offers a reliable method of sending user registration emails, password resets and any other form of important notifications. Once your email is up and running you can focus on more important things associated with your business.