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3 Steps to Logo Design for Your Company Website

3 Steps to Logo Design for Your Company Website - Image #1

You’ve got the idea of your business all mapped out but now you need to design a logo that encompasses your brand and compliments your website’s overall design. Creating and designing your logo is an essential undertaking because it is the focal point of your website’s brand awareness with your customer base. I know you may not be a graphic designer or have the budget for one so creating your logo may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.

With many free logo design websites, you can make a logo in minutes. But before you start you should consider some key aspects to your logo’s design that suites your website and brand. We’ve created this step by step guide to help you conceptualize your logo and then create a logo quick and easy.

1. Gather inspiration

Before you begin designing your logo you want to streamline the task by looking for inspiration. Yes, this is your first step. Get inspired by your competition’s logo, Google search logos online to gather ideas. You don’t want to discount this step. Take a few days to look around various places for ideas. There are infinite amounts of logos from notable companies to get your creative juices flowing.

A quick Google search can render tons of logos for you to pick through, once you’ve done that you want to choose at least three designs that draw you in the most.

Surf a website like Under Construction’s Brand New, which contains a large selection of corporate brand redesigns. Brand New features many well-known brands like Staples and Pandora. And their collection goes back many, many years, looking at how other businesses design their logos can help you decide what best suits your brand’s awareness.

Where to find logo design inspiration?

There are also websites like Creative Market, which showcases graphics and pre-made logo samples. You don’t have to commit and purchase any of them, but you can get a lot of inspiration. The goal is to look through all the various logos to get an idea of creative possibilities in logo designs and to be inspired.

You can also browse through websites like Dribble. They have a large selection of designs, lots of gorgeous logo design examples too. Both of these websites are public portfolios you can access thousands of logo designs.

Lastly, try looking through the logo templates on Canva to get some ideas on how you can place various logo items during the design phase. Time is your asset during this stage. Don’t rush the inspiration process. Quantity is key here familiarize yourself with various design and graphical concepts as it allows you to begin your logo design process on the right footing and in a strong stylistic direction. You’ll be equipped to create something that looks comparable without feeling uninspired, frustrated, or confused as to where you should start. Remember to gather at least three brilliant examples that speak to you and your brand’s focus.

Choose colors that represent your website and brand

Once you’ve gotten sufficient inspiration you can choose the three colors that best suits your brand. You want a color scheme that will match your website and all your promotional material. Again, you want to spend time choosing your colors carefully.

2. Choose Your Logo Design

Your inspiration search should have led you to hundreds of examples of logos that come in a variety of styles. Logos come in various categories shapes and styles. When it comes to your business logo and your brand presence on line you want to use text-based logos.

For example, companies like Google, Disney, Yahoo and MSN all have text-based logos that eloquently keeps the brand at the forefront of consumers.

Another logotype is a symbol-based logo used by brands like Nike or you can use a combination of a symbol and text like Adidas or Dominos. You want your logo design to speak to your brand, be memorable, and use the color palette you’ve chosen.

Furthermore, there are diverse visual design styles, such as retro logo designs. There are also ultramodern, classical styles, minimal, and plenty of different shapes too.

When considering the shape if your logo looks at what some of the brands in your field are doing. For example, round logos work well, especially, if you use a symbol-based logo. You can use it as your favicon on your website, your avatar on your Facebook page and other social media platforms and are perfect with other graphics for your business. Consider using a circular shape as they are consistent, have a central focus and draw the eyes in. Whereas, rectangular-shaped logos can be equally effective and come off solid and strong, which gives the logo permanency.

Factors to consider for your logo design

Another thing to consider when picking the shape of your logo is understanding the design styles logos can come in, either logos are classical or minimal. Picking the right style hinges on two things.

  1. Niche, business and Target audience. These three things are important and should be considered during your research phase just like choosing the appropriate colors, you need to figure out the visual style of your logo and how it fits into your overall brand’s focus and business niche. For example, if you’re opening an online vintage consignment store you may want to opt for a retro logo.
  2. Consider what type of artwork you like where your logo is concerned. Personal preference goes a long way, especially since this logo will represent your business and help you build out your brand awareness. Using your inspiration, you’ve collected in number, finalize your logo with the design elements you like.
  3. Consider the typography and visual appeal of your logo design. If you register a domain name with relatively short characters then a typographic design can give it a sleek modern look. Longer domains tend to be harder to pull off in this category. Consider typography for logos like: Coca-Cola, Virgin Mobile, FedEx and Facebook. They’ve all opted for short domains to create an appealing and effective logo design.

If you’re going for a combination logo of text and symbol or just text you need to be sure to take time and choose the right font.

3. Use a Free Design Platform

If you’re just starting in your business, chances are you are looking for cost-effective measures to get the most out of your start-up budget. Luckily, there is a myriad of free online graphic design programs that are easy and quick to use. While graphic creator software like Adobe Photoshop is on the pricier end of things and require more knowledge, websites like Canva, Pic Monkey and other similar online graphic tools help you create a stunning brand focused logo.

There are many free logo templates online for you to choose from. Using what you came up with in step 1 and 2 you can create a logo for your business with ease.