Use the best website monitoring tool to manage your website

Use the best website monitoring tool to manage your website

How to use a website monitoring tool to simplify your hosting experience?

Running a successful website is great, but as cliché as it sounds, it takes hard work and dedication. The good news though, is that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. There are tools that can simplify your hosting experience, giving you the time you need to focus your attention on running the business. A website monitoring software is one such tool. But how exactly do you use it to make things simpler for you and your website’s operation?

There are a number of ways using a professional monitoring tool can make things easier for you. Let’s get into that.

Monitoring tells you how your site is performing

Your website’s performance will decide whether your business flourish or fail. But to truly know how your website is performing, you need access to certain types of information like, how your site’s loading speed impacts customers; why some customers choose not to use your site or how long your website may be offline. And that’s where a website monitoring tool comes in handy, because without it is difficult to get this kind of information.

In other words, a website monitoring tool simplifies the process of accessing the information that helps you determine how well or how poorly your website is doing. This information allows you to make the necessary adjustments.

Saves you time 

It’s practically impossible for you to adequately monitor your website and effectively run your business at the same time. To do so, you would have to monitor the site all day, every day which would leave you no time to eat, sleep or manage the business.

A website monitoring tool will check your site hundreds of times per day and let you know when something is wrong. This says you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business operation.

Saves you money

A website monitoring tool assists you in keeping your customers happy. While allowing your business to grow and thrive. For example, if your website is down regularly, it will lead to unhappy customers who know they have options and may choose to abandon your business and use the products and services bring offered by your competition. That sort of action affects your sales, which could see you losing millions of dollars, depending on the size and reach of your organization. But, frequent downtime can be prevented when you use a website monitoring software.

Protects your company’s image

It doesn’t matter what you do or sell on your website or how large or small it is, your brand image/reputation is important and must be maintained. Web monitoring helps you do that because it’s one of the surest ways to prevent or minimize downtime.

A website monitoring software also simplifies your hosting experience by:

  • Detecting hackers quickly and notifying you of it. This is important as it allows you to resolve the problem quickly.
  • Giving you control during downtime. Your website monitoring tool will tell you that your site has gone offline as soon as it does. This gives you time to quickly fix the problem, so that your users don’t have to experience the break in service.

However, if a quick fix is not possible, early alert also allows you some time to notify your users of the issue and what is or has been done to fix it. This feeds into your customer satisfaction, because they trust that you are being honest with them. The fact that you are taking steps to ensure they can access your products and services in a timely manner, will be appreciated.

Another way in which a website monitoring software or tool simplifies your hosting experience is by helping you determine how consistent your website is in terms of the uptime and downtime. It also keeps you updated on your website speed. Are you getting what you paid for from your Internet Service Provider, ISP?

Your monitoring tool will help you determine that and if your ISP is shortchanging you. The information from the monitoring software will help you to make a case if you decide to make a complaint to your ISP. You could even end up getting a refund, if your ISP is negligent in giving you the service you signed up for.

What Monitoring features do you need?

Monitoring Solutions are also effective and easy to use. In fact, offers two different kinds of monitoring plans to suit your needs.

  • Monitoring Starter plan
  • Monitoring Pro plan

Both plans are allow users to monitor just about any service. From websites, to hosted emails, to servers and databases. In addition you might want to consider getting some cool features like uptime, and full page monitoring.

Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring gives you a summary of your sites availability, alerts you when it’s not up and for as little as £0.60 per month, it will provide you with multi-location monitoring and downtime notifications, among other things.

Full page load monitoring

The full page load monitoring plan calculates the load on an entire web page and displays in sequence, how the different objects like, images and JavaScript load.

Monitoring web servers

Server & Virtual Private Server, VPS monitoring tool tracks the fundamental metrics of your dedicated or VPS.

Set up Custom Monitoring

The custom monitoring tool on the other hand is as the name suggests. It comes with an open API that gives you unlimited options. It also allows you to monitor any website metric. These plans start at $2.07 per month.


Website monitoring tools simplify your hosting experience by improving your site’s performance, protecting your brand online, saving you time and money, detecting hackers quickly and can you giving control during your downtime and allows you to act swiftly to resolve issues and keep your customers happy. Happy customers are repeat customers and when they keep coming back, they drive your business’s growth and development.