Are Cheap SSL Certificates Worth It?

cheap ssl certificates

As we enter a new decade, online security should be one of your top priorities. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a reliable and efficient website security certificate or SSL certificate. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate is an internationally recognised standard security technology with the core feature of encrypting communication between a web browser and a webserver.

As such, it facilitates the protection of sensitive data as it travels over the internet. Therefore, an SSL certificate facilitates private communication between the intended parties. In addition, an SSL certificate also helps to improve your SEO ranking. allows you to easily manage your website, secure hosting and SSL certificates all in one place.

Companies and individuals around the globe use SSL Certificates to significantly decrease the risk of sensitive information, including full names, credit card credentials, usernames, emails and passwords being tampered with and stolen by hackers. It also protects your website from SSL stripping. Part of deciding to buy SSL certificates is the price. Are cheap SSL Certificates worth it? Are all SSL Certificates the same? This article will provide these answers.

Are All SSL Certificates The Same?

Not all SSL certificates are the same. You can choose from different types of SSL certificates based on the number of domain names or subdomains you own. Here’s a quick breakdown of them.

  • Single SSL Certificateprotects only a single fully-qualified domain name or subdomain name
  • WildcardSSL Certificate provides security for only one domain name but protects an unlimited number of its subdomains
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificatecovers multiple domain names based on the level of validation required. The levels of validation include:
    • Domain Validation: It is the cheapest level that offers basic encryption and verification of ownership of the domain name registration.
    • Organization Validation: This offers the features of domain validation, while also authenticating certain details such as the owner’s name and address.
    • Extended Validation (VD): Offers the highest level of security by conducting a thorough examination before issuing the certificate. It also provides ownership of the domain name registration and entity authentication as well as verifies the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity.

Who needs SSL an Certificate?

Everyone who runs a website, especially one that collects any type of sensitive information; whether it’s an email address, passwords, usernames, or credit card information need to buy SSL certification.

How Do SSL Certificates Work?

As mentioned above, SSL certificates are a vital component in the data encryption process that secures internet transactions.

SSL Certificates work by using a type of key cryptography that uses the power of private and public keys, which are a series of randomly generated numbers. These work to encrypt messages you send and receive. They act like digital passports providing authentication to protect the confidentiality and integrity of website communication with browsers. Here’s how they do that.

  • Whenever a server or browser attempts to connect to a website (webserver) that is protected with SSL, it requests that the webserver identify itself.
  • The webserver then sends the browser/server a copy of the SSL certificate it has.
  • The browser/server will do checks to determine if it trusts the SSL certificate. If it does, it will send a message to the webserver.
  • The webserver will then respond with a digitally signed acknowledgement ‘SSL handshake’ to start an SSL encrypted session.
  • Finally, browser/server and the webserver share encrypted data.

Are Cheap SSL Certificates Worth it?

The truth is that some cheap SSL certificates have only the price going for them, while others are worth it and highly effective. There are tons of cheap SSL certificates. However, we’ll look at just five of the Cheapest SSL certificates to help you determine their worth. These evaluations are based on,

  • Speed to issue- How quickly you are secured
  • Seal provided- whether you get an SSL seal
  • Wildcard SLL support- This is a public key certificate that supports use with multiple sub-domains of a domain.
  • Warranty- Guarantee to replace or refund if necessary within a specified time
  • Refund policy- The legal timeframe within which you can return service for your money back

The catch is – all SSL Certificates on this list are for a yearly service and as such, you pay annually. 

Sectigo SSL Certificates (Formerly Comodo)

Sectigo offers cheap SSL solution, with a decent warranty and both domain and company verification. At MonsterHost we provide Sectigo – formerly Comodo Positive SSL certificates, as we are an authorised Comodo reseller. You can purchase it as a part of your secured hosting plan or separately.

This certificate is ideal for small eCommerce businesses or websites that sell just one or two services. SSL certificates in general can help you to run a successful ecommerce site. Its price is inexpensive and is the cheapest SSL certificate on our list.

Cost: $10.50 per year

Issuance: Within minutes

Seal: Yes, Static Site Seal

Validation: both Domain and company

Verdict: Are Cheap SSL Certificates worth it?

A fully secured website is vital. You can buy SSL Certificates that are cheap but are totally worth it. The CAs on this list provide trusted website security/SSL certificates, cheap enough to keep you from breaking the bank, yet protecting your data and that of your clients. To keep all your hosting, website and SSL certificate under one roof for easy management. Check out how to secure your website here.