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What is a work TLD?

It is a type of domain ending attracting all job seekers and recruiters. Anyone looking for a job or other professionals who dedicate their time and energy to helping others find jobs, such as career counsellors, can use the .work domain to their advantage.

It offers numerous domain names that you can choose from and you have high chances of getting the domain name you are looking for. Most importantly, it offers a branding opportunity for any business. .Work domain has a versatile network that enables other leading businesses to trend.


Why Choose .WORK TLD?

Those seeking employment will get safer access, a more convenient and effective job hunting process. It provides all of these to its internet users. This is the right domain for you if you are longing to find a job. You will be sure that all the personal information you submit is safe and the likelihood of meeting scammers too is minimal.

This domain creates a safe space for those yearning for transparency in business by encouraging them to offer living wages and see that they treat their employees well. Even though employees and employers have different rankings, this domain ensures that they both receive the respect they deserve and transparency.

Register .WORK and get to know more about what they offer to their users.

FAQs for .work domains

Yes, anyone can buy a .work domain name. Although recruiters from employment agencies that are after talent are the main group to register it.

The domain supports over 600 000 registrations, with an average of 50% of the domain being full. This means that chances of you getting the domain name you want are high. Register your .work domain to get a chance of a memorable web presence.

The domain allows its users to explore their creativity which is the first thing your prospective clients will look at.

It offers an ideal opportunity for organisations that offer work and training mentorship, recruiters looking for talent and skills and finally, companies that are planning to go remote.

Job seekers can easily get jobs through it and recruiters will land on the best talent on this domain extension.

Get a unique .work for your brand today.

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