What is WHMCS and How Can I Use It?

If you make money from reseller hosting, you need WHMCS. Keep reading to find out why resellers using WHMCS can’t stop singing its praises and how you can use it to simplify your hosting business!…

How to Make Money with a Reseller Hosting Site

Reseller hosting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Read this guide to find out how white label hosting can help you break into this exclusive part of the tech industry!
Reseller Hosting versus VPS

Reseller Hosting Vs VPS

The platform that hosts your website is just as import as the professional look and feel of your website itself. If your awesome, efficient and user-friendly website in on an underperforming hosting platform your hard…
Shared vs. Reseller web hosting

Shared and Reseller Web Hosting key differences

Web hosting services allow individuals and organisations to create and place websites on the internet. A webhosting service provider offers the technology and platform that allow persons to view these websites on the internet. In…