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Why Choose .CARE TLD

The domain facilitates search, self-expression and the sharing of information amongst its end-users. It is popular for its generosity, attentiveness, safety and reliability. It is useful to those who wish to create a difference in their surroundings.

It aims at providing care in any way possible by targeting relevant namespaces. The care is ideal for charities, non-profits, caregivers and information on how to take care of children, the sick and the elderly.


Why Use a .care Domain Extension?

A .care domain extension is best for those in non-profit and charitable organizations. Also, a .care name is readily available when you compare it to TLDs such as .org or .com.

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FAQs for .care domains

It is a new top-level domain that became available to the public in 2014. This domain best suits caregivers, non-profit organizations, charities, and any other projects that aim to improve people’s lives.

Care TLD is best for doctors and any healthcare facility. As a doctor, you need to register .CARE for it allow your patients to browse through you’re a .care website as you enlighten them on how the healthcare world operates. They will find relevant information which they can use to manoeuvre through the ups and downs of life.

Bloggers who like to give solutions and care advice to people should think of using. A .care as is perfect for them a .care is a new domain. Therefore, you have plenty of options that you could use to find the specific domain you are looking for. You need to register your domain to get the chance to be useful and show the world that you care.

No. The .care domain does not restrict you on how you should use it. It offers you the following;

  • Personal data privacy that has free lifetime privacy protection.
  • Full time customer support
  • Reliability and security. is a trusted domain and website host. We provide dedicated support, support articles and tutorials to help you get started fast. Plus, we offer essential website tools for development, security, backup and marketing. Put all your services under one umbrella at Monsterhost and get one bill and one management interface to easily manage your domain and website from a-z.

The following are the properties of CARE TLD:

Domain Privacy is allowed
One of best properties of .CARE lets you add domain ID protection to conceal your domain registration details from the public. When using your website domain, you need to be sure that your domain is safe. You get protection against various spam and possible identity thefts. Whois Domain ID privacy is available for all end-users. With every domain that you register, you receive this Free for life, just signup during registration or ask our trusted domain support agent to add it to your account.

Real DNS Power
Your site will be able to run smoothly without any hitches due to the network of DNS. It has other features that will enable you to keep your business running smoothly. These features include URL and email forwarding. To prevent experiencing jams on your network, they secure your traffic with DNSSEC on all eligible domains.

Yes, it is possible. There are numerous branded .care branded names on You will get them at a lower cost too.

There are no restrictions as to who can buy a .care domain name. Anyone can register the care TLD for their brand.

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