BitNinja - The only Server Security You’ll Need

€ 17.43 per month

This straightforward and user-friendly cybersecurity platform offers complete server protection, ensures systems stability, and minimizes server load.

How BitNinja Server Security Works?

This security software is the fullstack Linux server protection features:
All-in-One Security

Hundreds of websites, email accounts, FTP servers, and apps are all protected covered by a single BitNinja plan.

Proactive Security

Eliminate the headache caused by compromised CMSs deployed on your web servers. BitNinja's proactive cybersecurity prepares you for assaults before they occur. Network

Crowdsourcing Defense

Every BitNinja-protected server on the planet provides information on the most recent cyber-attacks. Crowdsourcing is a proven tactic to fight against vulnerabilities.

Malware Detection and Elimination

By deleting all malicious traffic, BitNinja can help you lower your server demand by 33%. When discovered they are manually examined for dangers.

BitNinja Prevents All Sorts of Cyber Attacks

Blacklisted Server

In cases where multiple concurrent connections are detected, BitNinja adds an internet protocol address to the blacklist for a minute. Once everything is approved, the internet protocol address is moved to a grey list where legitimate users delist.

CMS Hacked

You do not need to pump resources into cleaning already infected files or documents. BitNinja Web App Firewall 2.0 (WAF 2.0) uses filters on every incoming request and discards any attack.

Malicious Attack

The BitNinja DDoS Detection integrates with the AntiFlood Module to discover IPs that DoS regularly utilizes to attack and blacklists them for a considerable time.

Phishing Sites

BitNinja can detect doubtful software and put them aside into isolation to avert any harm to the server.

Trusted Proxy

Trusted Proxy Website visitors, like botnets, frequently utilise proxies. As a result, it is critical that we identify the true IP addresses behind an assault and do not block any exit nodes.

Collective Intelligence

With the power of crowdsourcing, your server gets more secure by the second, as we sync attack data among all BitNinja-protected servers around the world.


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€ 17.43 per month, 1 hosted user

*VAT is not included in any of our prices above.

It will be added where applicable.

Compatible with MonsterHost Solutions

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BitNinja Server Protection Benefits:

BitNinja is a multi-layered security software suite with several modules built to identify threats and perform tasks to curb them. Each task protects your servers from various forms of assaults (or cyber-attack). BitNinja will continuously monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic and protect your servers against known attacker IPs detected in our thanks to our IP Reputation pool. It amasses a list of millions of these malicious addresses, as well as new suspicious ones.

Our security agent also includes a Malware Scanner module for detecting previously infected files on your server. BitNinja also includes a WAF module to prevent incoming attacks on known vulnerabilities in Web Applications, such as SQL injections, remote and local file inclusions, and other attacks.

BitNinja Cyber & Data Security Software Includes:


BitNinja's Malware Detection can automate your anti-malware procedure for hassle-free security against threats to your server's web and CMS applications.

Trusted proxy

Proxies, like botnets, are often used by website visitors. As a result, it's critical to identify true IPs behind assaults. Our trusted proxy feature contributes to a low false positive rate.


The denial-of-service (DoS) attack is a well-known tactic in the hacker's armoury. BitNinja's DDoS detection module detects and greylist application-level DDoS assaults automatically.

Log Analysis

Monitor your server logs, such as Auth log, MySQL, Exim, Apache, NginX, CPanel, and others. BitNinja Log is made to be simple to use plus comes with our zero-configuration setup.

Web Application Firewall

The BitNinja WAF module applies a suggested ruleset to all requests. You may adjust the level of strictness by domain or URL. Plus, you can turn off the WAF on a domain-by-domain basis.

Defence Network

When we detect or stop a malicious request, we share this on the BN cloud data centre. They analyse the security logs and provide the attacker's IP address to all servers right away.

Why BitNinja Security Matters for You?

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Server hacks are costly

In 30 minutes, there are multiple attempts to hack websites and servers. Unauthorized parties usually hack servers an average of 1300 times daily. If you fail to secure your web servers, you will encounter data loss, CMS hacks, and Malware.

Proactive server security

The software is designed to keep your Linux server clean so you can continue to build your profitable business. The practical protective shield assists you in achieving a stable system and reduce server loads in five minutes.

Multi-layered Protection

BitNinja offers profound security that protects servers from attacks such as malware injection, forum spams, word press hacks, password cracking, data theft, and SQL injections. The lightweight safety software merges the ideal safety technologies into one comprehensive program.

BitNinja's Award-winning Cyber Security Service

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Security as a Service Solution
Disruptor Company of the year
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Firewall of the year
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Security Innovation of the year
Excellence CustServ Award 2021
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Security Solution of the year

Reinforce your full-stack server with BitNinja security.

Questions and answers about BitNinja services

BitNinja Server Security Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Basic questions
Server safety is the equipment and procedures utilized to protect lucrative resources and information on servers in an institution and the server’s properties. Servers hold critical data. Cyber thieves regularly search for shortcomings in server safety to make monetary benefits.

The software is responsible for protecting your Linux server, computers, and website from hackers. BitNinja website server protection blocks Bonet attacks and minimizes DDoS attacks, an approach that saves you money and time.

Furthermore, unlike cloud-based security solutions that need your traffic to be diverted through their servers, BitNinja requires no setup. Plus, any faults of the cloud-based party might render your server inaccessible, which is a significant risk to assume. Our service works on your existing infrastructure, so there is no downtime if anything in our system fails.

HTTP isn’t the only thing BitNinja protects, it also covers other protocols like: SMTP, IMAP, POP3, SSH, FTP.

It does not secure game servers or Windows servers. Additionally, it does not provide complete DDoS security since it is not achievable.
BitNinja is an excellent solution for any VPS, colocation, and SaaS provider, website developer, digital agency, or any other organizations that operate their own servers and want to keep them secure on the Internet.
You will have to open the cybersecurity platform’s terminal and key in the single line code. The code will sense the operating system on the server, and the installation process will commence and complete quickly.
Yes, it is possible to transfer a license from one server to another. Get in contact with us when the server is already put on your dashboard, utilizing the “Add-New-Server” icon to facilitate the process.
BitNinja website server protection blocks multiple infected servers’ internet protocol addresses through the blacklist and the grey list. It is possible to greylist or blacklist internet protocol addresses practically. Also, you can further lessen the DDoS entry value in the /etc/BitNinja/DosDetection/config.ini file, which contributes to cybersecurity solutions.
BitNinja offers a multi-faceted protection solution to secure server attacks, including malware infections, password cracking, and word press hacks. It also prevents SQL injections, data theft, and forum spam.

BitNinja site protection provides you with 100% control over the safety of your server or site. You can screen your domain for malware and vulnerabilities.

When you obtain the Pro plan:

  • Utilize the URL security for limitless URLs
  • Everyday infiltration examination
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • External Integrations
  • WAF – Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Port Honeypot
  • Malware detection and Removal
  • Web Honeypot
  • Key “under attack” (Coming soon).
  • Automated Phishing Content Removal Tool (Coming soon)

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