How to Sell on Facebook: 3 Ways to Set up Your Facebook Store

how to sell on facebook

One of the most important rules of marketing is to reach people where they are. When you market your products to people who are already doing something they enjoy (like, for example, scrolling through Facebook), they’re in a more receptive mood to buy your product. Some business owners avoid marketing on Facebook because they think social media is a frivolous time-suck. Instead, they focus all their energy on creating a gorgeous website that attracts customers – and that’s great! But a social watering hole that boasts more than 2 billion active users is still nothing to scoff at.
So, how do you take advantage of this powerful unprecedented opportunity to position your products in front of new customers?

How to sell on Facebook: The basics

The idea behind selling on Facebook is pretty simple: You post an ad for your product on Facebook, and if your customers like what they see, they’ll happily toss you their cash.
If you want to sell your products online, there are three main ways you can set up a Facebook store, ranked in order of increasing effectiveness:

  1. eCommerce website builders
  2. Facebook sale groups
  3. Facebook business pages

1. eCommerce website builders

Facebook is a great way to find new customers, but it’s pretty limited in terms of eCommerce options. This isn’t really surprising; Facebook is for socializing, not for selling.

Also, Facebook has strict rules for what can and can’t be sold on its platform and offers your customers only a few payment options.

The best way to sell on Facebook isn’t to use it to sell directly to your customers; it’s to attract new customers and then funnel them towards the real website you’ll want them to keep coming to over and over again: Your eCommerce website.

If you don’t already have an eCommerce website, don’t panic. Making a website isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be back in the day.

In fact, if you use our eCommerce website builder, you can create a great business website in less than a day, even if you have no coding experience. Our website builder comes with hundreds of gorgeous, fully customization templates and features a drag-and-drop system that makes it extraordinarily easy to create a website.

Here are just some of the great features you get when you create an eCommerce website with our website builder:

  • SSL certificates, so you earn your customers’ trust
  • Website monitoring tool, so you can keep track of your website’s uptime
  • SEO tool, so you keep attracting new customers
  • 24/7 support, so you always have help when you need it
  • Hundreds of free plugins (like social media buttons, contact forms and popular payment gateways)

Once you’ve finished setting up your website, all you’ll need to do is connect it to your Facebook business account, and you’re done! Now your business has access to Facebook’s billions of active monthly users.

2. Facebook sale groups

Some Facebook groups are made up of people who offer interrelated services and buy from each other. For example, in a group of people who create online courses, some members might offer writing services, some might specialize in graphic design, and some might specialize in curriculum development.

These groups usually turn out to be pretty tight-knit communities, and people have even made friends with their loyal customers! If this sounds like something you’d like, a Facebook sale group would be perfect for you, even though it’s not quite as effective as some of the other tools on our list.

If you see a group on Facebook that has their “buy and sell” feature turned on, it’s easy to join and start selling.

How to sell on Facebook using a sale group

  1. Log in to Facebook and in the menu on the left of your News Feed, click Groups.
  2. Choose the group you want to sell in. (Remember that the “buy and sell” feature has to be turned on!)
  3. Click What are you selling?
  4. Type in the details about the item you’re selling and click Next.
  5. Choose the audience you’d like to see your posts.
  6. Click

Tips for making the most of Facebook sale groups

  • Post good photos of your products. (Photos taken outside will usually have the best lighting.)
  • Sell your products at a reasonable price.
  • Don’t get banned. Check Facebook’s rules and make sure you follow them.
  • Make your product descriptions accurate and interesting. You can get some inspiration by checking out the descriptions of similar products on popular eCommerce websites and tweaking them for your products. Some things you might want to include in your description are things like the product’s condition (especially important if you plan to sell used items through your store), size, quantity and price.

3. Facebook business pages

Business owners who know how to sell on Facebook in a way that maximizes its power have one thing in common: They have a Facebook business page. Advertising your business on your personal Facebook page is better than not advertising at all, but it’s not nearly as effective as having a business Facebook page.

In fact, depending on how you use your personal page, advertising your business on it could actually do more harm than good. Adding some separation between you and your brand is a good way to shield against repelling customers from your business because they disagree with your personal views or the way you choose to spend your time.

Use your Facebook business page to share tips for using your products, articles that your customers will find useful, or any other content that will attract your ideal customers. Then, once you’ve hooked them, the next step is to reel them in.

Adding a Shop Now button will take Facebook users directly to your eCommerce website where they can buy your products.

This is a great way to attract customers who didn’t even know they needed your product – until they saw you advertise it on Facebook!

Now that you know how to sell on Facebook, the first step is to start.

There are hundreds of thousands of successful eCommerce websites on the internet. The competition is heating up, and sellers are trying to get their products on as many channels as they can. Facebook is too effective a marketing tool for you not to set up a Facebook store for your business.


Joining a Facebook sales group, creating a Facebook business page, and taking advantage of our powerful, user-friendly eCommerce website builder will put you well ahead of millions of online sellers who still haven’t woken up to the power of using Facebook to sell their products.