16 Tips to increase your sales this holiday season

holiday shopping tips to increase your sales

Most people express their love and wishes to families by buying and sending gifts. Online shopping is best suited for this as it has larger reach over brick and mortar stores. This is the best time to capitalize on the shopping boom and optimize your strategy to get large results. This season brings large sale opportunities and it is the best time to optimize your conversion rate.

16 Holiday shopping tips to increase your sales

Here are few proven tips that will help e-commerce websites boost sales this holiday season:

1. Capitalize on mobile customers

Most web traffic is through mobile devices and capitalizing on that will help to increase your sales up drastically. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. The fastest way to drive away potential customers is to offer them a website that is not optimized to mobile devices. Websites can also be configured to make notifications to browsers that accept them. Driving sales through offers and free shipping and notifying them through push notifications is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

2. Push notifications

Websites can now use push notifications to drive sales and they are even available as Web Push notifications that can notify desktop browser users. This is a good channel to capitalize on for promotional campaigns about holiday sales.

3. Last minute shopping

A percentage of people will be those that will shop last minute before the holidays. Optimize your strategy for those people who shop last minute by offering them gift cards, free priority shipping and large discounts. Increase your sales by offering more gift voucher redemption and loyalty points for the holiday season.

4. Email marketing

Email is a very effective method of reliably connecting with customer. In the holiday season, choose promotional campaigns and deliver them to the customer’s mailbox with gift cards and offers and see an increase in sales during the holiday season. Use newsletters with clearly defined Call to Action sections that will make the clients connect with your website.

5. Support and live chat

Offer support to clients that might visit your website as they might have questions about some product that you offer, e.g.: What the size a shirt might be? Or what are the colors available for a product. If the information on the product description is not up to what they need, customers can be lost.

6. Landing page makeover

Another method to get customers interested in your promotional deals is to change your landing page to highlight deals that might be available. For example, changing the landing page theme to one with red, white and green for the holiday season, signifying the availability of promotional deals.

7. Abandoned cart recovery

As per trends it is unlikely that a customer might make a purchase the first time, they visit your website, in fact statistics estimate that 99% of customers abandon their purchase at the billing screen. This has a positive side to it as you already know what your customer is interested in and can offer a special deal for them so that they complete the sale. This is also a method of re-targeting the customer with a high chance of getting conversions.

8. Social media marketing

A good method of marketing your products is by using Social Media Marketing on Instagram. You can target a specific audience with interests and offer advertisements to them that will direct them to your website when they click on it. This is a very effective method of marketing and should be used as much as possible. Facebook Pixel is also another method of tracking carts and purchases tied into the Facebook Advertising platform and can help immensely when designing promotional campaigns. Facebook Pixel also can help you serve Dynamic adds based on what the customer has viewed based on parameters you have sent.

9. Promotional popup

To capture the email and information of potential clients on your website, you can implement a pop up that asks them to sign up to your newsletter or permit you to send them offers about holiday sales through emails. This is a sure shot method that you might get to directly address potential customers.

10. Optimize your product navigation

To make sure that your customer is taken to the pages that might interest them, you should optimize your navigation process. Ensure that it takes the minimum number of mouse clicks or screen taps for the customer to arrive at the product they might have been interested in on Facebook or Instagram. Navigation to the product that is complicated will create issues in retaining and converting a customer. Look to our SEO services that will help with this.

11. Use thank you promotions

Reward loyal customer with offers like discount coupons and special deals on products that they might be interested in. Instituting a points or cashback system will ensure customer engagement and they will come back again and again. Gift cards are the best way to grab potential customers as they will be used by the person being gifted to.

12. Create hype

Another method to acquire customers is by creating hype. Start by sending out an email to customers notifying them that a sale or season special will start a few days in advance. Keep sending out emails that count down towards the special offer and you will see customers who come to check out the website.

13. Upsell

Organize your product with other products that are similar and have better or more features. When the customer is looking at a product, recommend the upgraded or better product as well. Customers love to compare and find the best deal and will quite often switch to the better product.

14. Offer recommendations

Some products, like computer hardware will have groups of products that will need to be purchased together. To recommend the product will also create conversions. For example: if the customer buys a CPU, they will also need a CPU cooler, which can be shown in the recommended products section of the product page.

15. Gift wrapping

Offer gift wrapping as a deal with certain products and conversions are bound to happen. People like the fact that they can order gifts that are already gift wrapped and ready to go.

16. Charity support

Offer to support a charity during the sale and therefore enabling your customers to give back to the community. Your customers will hold you in high regard and will trust you which goes a long way to building customer loyalty.


The holiday season is the best time to offer promotions and deals to capture customer data. This also enables you to analyze your catalog and keeps track of buying trends. A well thought out strategy that encompasses these tips will help create a great customer shopping experience. It can grow your business and at the same time, help to increase your sales.