The Real Cost of Domain Names 

real cost of domains

Almost everyone has a website these days and it’s splendid! There is room at the table for everyone and each idea, regardless of your niche. If you haven’t joined the rest of the world yet but you want to create a website, this article is for you.

A website doesn’t appear out of thin air, and one of the top things you need do to make it happen is a domain name. Which brings us to the heart of what this article is all about – what is the real cost of domain names and what else you pay for in the process. But, if you are a newbie, let’s look at what domain names are.

What are Domain Names? 

Your domain name is simply the name of your website. It’s the address on the internet that persons use to find you. To be a little more technical, a domain name is an IP address, which is a string of numbers like 25.447.67.043. That’s because computers use IP addresses to communicate.

Now clearly, it’s impossible to remember these numbers for just one of your favorite sites, imagine trying to memorize it for all. Impossible! So, these numbers are replaced by the name you call your website referred to as a domain. Domain names are used in combination with domain extensions like, .com, .net, .org etc.

So, your domain name has to be registered before you can actually use it. No two domains can use the same domain name. So how much does a domain name cost? Usually, domain names typically range from around $7.99-$29.99 a year depending on the extension.

How Domain Names Work 

As mentioned earlier, your domain name is your online address. Think of it as the postal service. When you write a letter and address it to a friend who lives in another country, the postal service delivers it in person. With domains, it the same process except it takes seconds and happens online.

How do you register a domain and what really is the difference between a website and a domain? We sensed that coming, and so we have the answers.

How to Register Your Domain 

The process of registering a domain may vary depending on the provider. However, registering a domain name with Yourwebsite is quite simple. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  1. Type in and search to find out if your domain name is available. If it is not available, try using a slightly different variation.
  2. Once you have an available domain name, select it along with the domain extension that you want and complete checkout.

Tip for selecting a great domain name: Make it short and catchy with a nice blend of creativity and originality. This will help your website to stand out and be memorable.

Difference between a Website and a Domain

We could sense that question coming, ‘What’s the difference between a website and a domain name?’ So, here is the answer. A domain name is a name you chose for your website. Using a Universal Resources Locator (URL) you can locate a website. Now a website is what people see and interact with after typing in your domain name and the URL leads them to the webpages of your website.

When you purchase a domain, you simply buy the name for your site, but that’s not enough, you will still need to build the site. That’s why a Yourwebsite web hosting plans allow you to host your website, purchase a domain name and use our sitebuilder to complete the process of creating your website. All this in one place.

So now that you understand the difference between domain and website, what is web hosting? Once again, we’ve got this.

What is Web hosting? 

Web hosting is a service provided by companies that offer you online real estate. That is, a place to store all the files that make up your website. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives (web hosting platform). This is where you make your own webpage. While your domain name is your home address which allows persons to locate these files that make up your website.

Web hosting companies specialize in storing, monitoring and serving websites. They offer a selection of the different types of hosting plans. You can then select the one that works best for you.

How are Domain Names and Web Hosting Related?

Domain names and web hosting both represent two different kinds of services. However, they are both necessary to make websites possible.

A domain name system is basically, a huge address book that’s constantly updated. Each domain name represents an address of the web hosting service that is storing the website’s files.

Without domain names, it would be impossible for persons to find your website and without web hosting, you simply cannot create a website. They both allow you to make your own web page and direct others to it.

Ready To Purchase Your Domain Name And Create A Website? 

As already mentioned, you will need both a domain name and web hosting account to create a website. When you purchase only a domain name it gives you the right to use that particular domain name for a specific period, which is usually 1 year. You can renew it each year.

Web hosting provides a place to store your website’s files. After select a web hosting plan, you will need to update your domain name settings, pointing it to your web hosting service provider. Or, you can avoid that hassle and simple purchase both the domain and hosting from the same company. Check out our plans here.

We also facilitate easy migration of domain names to our platform. So, what’s the real cost of a domain name coupled with web hosting services? Typically, a domain name can cost anywhere between $7.99-$29.99 per year, and web hosting normally costs $3.30 to $14.99 monthly, depending on the type of hosting.

The price may seem a bit high, especially if you are starting your first website. Luckily, Yourwebsite allows you to purchase both your domain name and hosting plan together at a drastically reduced price.