Best Email Hosting for Businesses

best email hosting for businesses

While many people have attempted to call the end of emails, in favor of other online communication systems, they are still integral to the success of any online and even off-line business. Third-party email hosting services will now allow you to filter emails, detect spam and ensure that your time is spent focusing only on relevant emails. The type and scope of email hosting for businesses available today has improved dramatically. Now email hosting comes with a range of additional services available to make your lives easier.

Hosting packages

The basic hosting packages available include shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and cloud servers. There is a significant difference between personal/small business hosting and business hosting. Business hosting generally includes the option of separate business email hosting. Initially it may appear to be an unwarranted added expense. But using email hosting for businesses by using the skills and experience of third-parties literally pays for itself.

Email hosting opens up a whole different world when it comes to managing incoming and outgoing emails. Plus it ensures emails are delivered as quickly as possible with relevant attachments. Let’s examine the main features of business email hosting. At the end you will know how to choose the best email hosting platform and why it is essential for serious businesses.

Business email hosting

Historically, the vast majority of hosting packages consisted of email servers on-site via products such as Microsoft Small Business Server. This is a simplified version of the Microsoft Exchange Email Server. The complete package offers so much more. It’s great for managing, controlling and most importantly ensuring maximum uptime for email communications.  Also, let’s not forget the subject of email security!

Basic email services are directly linked to a domain name via the domain name server (DNS). So, if there is an issue with the DNS this would incapacitate your email communications for a period of time. Using a third-party system such as Microsoft Exchange Email Server ensures that even issues with your DNS will not interrupt your flow of emails. These emails will be on a secure private server elsewhere.

Best Email Hosting Features for 2020

Some of the specific features to consider when looking at business email hosting include:

1. Syncing devices

It is important to ensure that all of the desktop and mobile devices you use to manage your business are in sync when it comes to emails. We live in a world where time is critical and late delivery of an email can literally cost you a sale or a contract. Using the Microsoft Exchange Server facility ensures that you are up-to-date and up to speed with all of your emails. It also allows you to bring teams together to work with information which is real time as well as allowing them to communicate instantly.

2. Additional applications

When looking at email hosting you need to look at the overall package as opposed to focusing on email services in isolation. For example, the Microsoft Exchange Server option comes with a host of applications such as Office 2013. Cloud storage ensures that information is always available and the service has a dedicated support team on call to help. Every second you can save with additional filters, spam controls and redirection options, is an additional second you can spend on your business.

3. Skype for business

In isolation, a hosted email service and communication add-ons are extremely important. However, if put together the whole package becomes vital. For example, Microsoft’s Exchange Email Server incorporates Skype for business which allows you to communicate on a worldwide basis with instant messaging and video calls. While this is something we often take for granted, guaranteed 100% uptime takes some beating!

4. Custom mailboxes

When your customers are emailing you, it is vital that the correct department/person receives that email as quickly as possible. The ability to add an array of different filters, ensuring that spam is redirected away from live emails, is not only time-saving but an essential part of your online security. You become more efficient with “relevant emails” as opposed to spam and promotional emails.

5. Email security

There are many different aspects to take into consideration with regards to email security. Thankfully, the Microsoft Exchange Server option brings in the latest in email protection using the skills and experience of dedicated teams. While nothing is perfect when it comes to email security, using a Microsoft Exchange Server ensures that machine learning and the experience of technicians is made available immediately. New hacking strategies are emerging all of the time and it is vital these rogue emails are isolated upon receipt.

6. Configuring Microsoft Exchange

Configuring Microsoft Exchange is very easy as it comes with a step-by-step guide/setup wizard to walk you through the process. It is also worth noting that the system is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook. While also compatible with an array of other email services the majority of business users tend to look towards Microsoft Outlook as their lead email service. As this email hosting option comes with dedicated support there is always help to hand as and when required.

The use of email hosting services opens up an array of additional options including real-time diaries, work schedules, instant communication and much more. The synchronization of emails across mobile and desktop devices, via the Microsoft Exchange Server option, ensures that all participants are up-to-date with the latest information. Gone are the days of businesses where all employees work in the same office. The use of email hosting services for business ensures you don’t even need to be in the same country let alone the same room!


A basic web host email service is often sufficient for small businesses. However, large businesses tend to require dedicated email hosting. As mentioned above, treat this as an investment in your business as opposed to additional costs. Many people fail to dig below the surface to see that options such as Microsoft Exchange Server come with. There is also the issue of email security and the ability to introduce filters and redirects for specific emails.

We live in a world where time is literally money. Therefore, efficient management of incoming and outgoing emails is vital. Keeping all team members synced on the same page is something we often take for granted. Integrating the latest technology, such as cloud storage, ensures that isolated server problems will have no impact whatsoever on communication between team members and more importantly customers. If you have yet to look at email hosting services for business, do so sooner rather than later.