4 Advantages of Creating a Branded Business Email Address

email for business advantages

Operating a small-business online comes with a myriad of opportunities for showcasing your business’ brand identity. One of the ways includes the mode by which you communicate with your customers. While brick and mortar businesses rely on traditional communication methods—notably telephone and media advertising—email is the professional way online businesses stay in touch with their customers.

If you’re new to e-commerce and even newer to operating a business then this may be a revelation—your business email address is an extension of your business and its focus. It will be the first thing your customer sees in their inbox.

Where marketing is concerned, having a professional business email is crucial, and not using this opportunity to seamlessly brand your online communication can hurt your business’ marketing strategy. In fact, branding your business email should be a priority as the core of your online marketing strategy.

How do you do this?

You start by not using a free email service as your Email client. For example, using an email address like [email protected] would raise red flags with your customers. They might think, wow, this company isn’t serious, it might be a scam, not legitimate or that you’re very unprofessional.

When it comes to your business email, it’s crucial to use your hosting solution’s built-in email set-up to create a branded email address that looks like [email protected] instead. This distinguishes your business as professional, extends your branding and business identity and ties your domain to your communication channel and bolsters your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s dive deep into the advantages of creating a branded business email address.

4 Advantages of a Professional-Branded Business Email

1. It Gives Your Business More Authority

Thanks to popular free email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN anyone with an internet connection can create a free email account. As such, it has also opened the gateway for scammers, email phishing, hackers and other cybercriminals to clone business email address and dupe customers out of sensitive information like financial data.

Less dire is that the majority, if not all of your clients will also have a free email account with an email client of their choosing. Imagine if your business email using the same extension as customers; you’ve positioned yourself on the same level as they are and missed the opportunity to be an authority.

Using branded business email addresses ensures that your authority is always under-girded by using your domain name that’s synonymous with your website and branding. It sets you apart from the competition. With a unique [email protected], you’re setting yourself apart from your competition and keeping your business at the forefront of your customer’s mind. It reaffirms that you’re not just an average Joe or Jane using a free email account, instead, you’re a professional company that’s serious about business.

Using your hosting email client to create accounts means that you can separate various types of emails to answer specific issues of your customers. Whenever they file complaints or ask questions, you can use an account like [email protected] or [email protected] etc. Depending on the type of hosting you have you normally receive a minimum of 5 free email addresses at your website dot com. Possibilities for authoritative communication are finite but effective.

2. An Excellent Branding Opportunity

We’ve mentioned the branding opportunities that abound with using [email protected] but let’s tunnel a little deeper into what that can really mean for your online presence as a business.

Creating business email through your business email hosting extends your branding into your communication. You would have obviously started with choosing a brand focused name for your business that speaks to who you are as a business. That name usually extends to the domain name of the same or similar to keep your business name at eye level. Once you have a domain name then all of your emails will showcase your brand.

When customers see your business name anywhere, they can always do a quick Google search to find you online. In the same vein, if they see your email address on a sign or anywhere else, they will know your business name straight away. Keep your domain name short, simple and catchy so that your email will follow suit.

3. Focused Attention on Your Business—Less is More

Sure, using a notable email client like gmail.com, yahoo.com or msn.com are easy for your clients to remember because they may likely have their own personal accounts with one of those companies. However, the main drawback, beyond presenting your company as unprofessional, is that you’re promoting those companies over your own.

[email protected] is not going to have the attention solely on you. Instead, everyone will remember Gmail/Google, or Yahoo, or MSN. Your goal as an online business owner is to always keep the name of your company in the minds of your customers. You don’t want to lose them to the more well-branded competition—that will do nothing for your bottom line. Keep the distractions, that is any other company, to zero. Use the business email hosting that comes with your website hosting package so that fewer distractions means more visibility and focused attention on your brand.

With your domain focused email, [email protected], you’ll emphasize your business identity and keep it in the minds of your customers with every email or campaign you send. It’ll roll off of your customers’ tongues whenever they recommend you to a friend. Think of it as a part of your word of mouth advertising as the focus stays on your business.

4. Better Chances of Email Marketing Results

As an online business, the life force of your marketing strategy will entail a well thought out email marketing campaign. There’s no getting around it. Owning and leveraging your customer base online is crucial. In fact, when new visitors come to your website, capturing their email address for your business email list is mandatory, otherwise, you are missing out on building a lifelong customer.

With a branded business email, all of your marketing efforts will focus on perpetuating your brand awareness with your customer, strengthening your authority, and keeping the distractions at bay. Your targeted emails will have your business name in the forefront of your customers’ mind.

The branded email address also reminds your customers that they want to receive your emails. They are more than likely to add it to their address book so they can ensure promotional emails are always in their inbox—who can resist a sale’s announcement, shopping code, or VIP access to new product rollouts? With an email address on a free email client like Gmail, you run the risk of your emails ending up in the spam folder or worst being deleted by your client. Avoid that by using your branded business email address at your website dot com.