20 Places to Promote Your Website

20 Places to promote website

Here’s the thing most people don’t tell you about making a website: Traffic isn’t automatic.

You don’t just make a website and hope people see it. Getting people to visit your website takes a bit of work. You’ll need a strong email marketing campaign and places to promote your website. Email marketing lets you tell customers about your products, sales, news, and much more. These campaigns work wonders, which is why big companies still use them. But to get even more momentum for your marketing campaigns, you’ll want to promote your website.

To help you get started, here’s a list of 20 places you can promote your website – without spending a single penny.

20 places to promote websites for  free

Social Media Platforms

Ah, the tried and true.

Social media sites are still an excellent way to promote your website. These ten social media platforms are a particularly great place to start gathering interest for your email marketing campaign:

  • YouTube: The second-largest website in the world is nothing to sniff at. YouTube has billions of viewers every month. You can use YouTube to promote website in one of two main ways: You can either start your own YouTube channel, or you can partner with someone who already has a big subscriber base and ask them to promote your website.
  • Facebook: Facebook ads are a great way to promote website, but don’t underestimate the power of using Facebook to build a loyal community and really connect with visitors of your website blog.
  • Instagram: Instagram is perfect for showing snapshots of your brand. Photos of you and your staff creating products or enjoying downtime go a long way towards making your brand feel more accessible, which increases your website traffic.

Instagram also gives you a clickable link for your bio, and this is a great place to promote website.

  • Twitter: Twitter lets your brand’s personality shine. This is a great place to post quotes and snappy phrases that encapsulate your brand.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is perfect for showcasing your products and getting people to add them to their wish lists. Infographics do particularly well on Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is great for networking and making connections with giants of your industry.
  • Reddit, Mix (formerly StumbleUpon) and Quora: These sites are built on discussion and are a great way to start a conversation about your brand.
  • Snapchat: If your website features creative pictures and videos, Snapchat is a great way to generate interest.

Content Promotion Sites

If you have a website but no website blog, please consider making one as soon as you can.

Remember: People don’t talk about your brand just to help you out; they do it to help themselves. People will talk about your brand if they think talking about your brand makes them seem helpful, smart, edgy, trendy, or funny.

To get people talking about your brand, you have to create something worth sharing; you have to produce good content.

These content promotion sites are great for promoting your website:

  • Buzzfeed community: This is a place where the giant Buzzfeed allows for community-generated content. If they like your article, they might even promote it.
  • Bloglovin’: Naturally, this is especially useful if you have a blog. This site lets users read and organize their favorite blog posts, so it’s almost too easy to use this site to bring traffic to your website.
  • Medium: People who use Medium are hungry for content that’s fresh, inspiring and original. With more than one million visitors per day, Medium gets more traffic than your website blog does. And because Medium is so reputable, creating a high-performing post on Medium is a great way to get the attention of other reputable sites until it snowballs into more traffic than you ever dreamed of.
  • HubPages: HubPages is a combination of content promotion and social media, so for this platform, it’s important to let your personality shine through your writing. Do this, and you’ll create an army of loyal readers who’ll happily follow you to your website.
  • Flipboard: Flipboard is an app that takes social feeds and turns them into digital magazines. Flipboard is invaluable for increasing website traffic because anyone who visits your site through Flipboard is doing so because they genuinely enjoy your content. This means you won’t just get a spike in traffic that dies down after a few days. Loyal visitors are more likely to share your website with your friends and create more lasting interest in your website.
  • EzineArticles: This is also a great, free way to generate interest in your website and increase traffic.
  • LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn Pulse is an online news aggregation feed that lets you share content with your audience. Because LinkedIn tailors content to visitors based on what they want to see, anyone who reads your post is already interested in the kind of content you produce on your website. This means that visitors who click to your website from this site are more likely to be loyal visitors.

Review Websites 

Review sites are great for promoting your website. You already know that positive reviews make your website and your brand look good, but what about negative reviews?

Would it surprise you to hear that even negative reviews can be good for your website? If you respond with grace and even appropriate humor to your negative reviews (yes, even the nasty ones that speculate that your IQ must be in the single digits), you can generate sympathy and win over some customers to your side.

Here are some good places to start:

What now?

Now comes the most important part: You start.

A long list like this can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to promote your website blog everywhere at once. Think about the five places you think would be most useful for your email marketing campaign and promote your website on one of these places every day for five days. Before you know it, you’ll have worked your way through the whole list, and you’ll have a crowd of visitors who adore your website.

If your website needs a bit of a tune-up before you start promoting it, check out some of our other website blog posts where you’ll find articles on how to increase web traffic, how to make your website load more quickly, how to build different types of websites, and much more!