Web site.com vs. Yourwebsite.com

Yourwebsite vs Web site graphics

This is one of those times when two companies have similar enough names that you might be tempted to think it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

But it matters.

When you’re trying to decide which hosting, company should be entrusted with your precious website, you need to know as much as you can about all the web hosts that are vying for your attention.

We want to help. This isn’t sensationalism or “salesiness”. Everything in this article is a cold, hard, verifiable fact. All we’ve done is cut away all the fancy-sounding package names, the marketing-speak, and the glamour, so you can see exactly what you’re getting when you choose each web hosting company.

By the time we’re done comparing these products, you’ll wonder how you could ever have gotten them confused in the first place.

Let’s get into it.


Why do people get web site.com confused with monsterhost.com?

Website.com and monsterhost.com are both sitebuilder brands that make it easier to create websites. They both also provide secondary website services, which we’ll get into later in the article, but that’s about where the similarities end.

The offerings couldn’t be any more different. The most glaringly obvious difference is this:

Web site.com Monsterhost.com
Offers a free web site plan. Offers NO free web site plan.

How could anything possibly be wrong with a free web site plan?

Usually, if one service has a free option and the other doesn’t, it’d be pretty obvious which one you should choose. But, in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.


When you choose the free plan offered by Web site.com, here are a few things you’re also choosing:

  • The free web site plan displays ads: Harmless in theory, right? “Don’t all websites have ads nowadays, anyway?” This could be harmless, most of the time…until the day you end up accidentally advertising one of your competitors’ products. 
  • The free web site plan doesn’t have SSL support: SSL certificates are what tell your visitors’ browsers that it’s safe to go to your website. When you don’t have an SSL certificate, your would-be visitors get a message warning them that visiting your website might make them vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. 
  • You can’t assign your domain name when you choose the free package.

Free Plan or Premium?

How monsterhost.com more than makes up for NOT offering a free web site plan?

Monsterhost.com doesn’t offer a free package and doesn’t cut corners, but you don’t have to take out a second mortgage on your home to afford monsterhost.com, either.

Monsterhost.com offers a $3 plan with a FREE .com, .biz, .info, .net or .org domain. Anyone who signs up for an annual plan gets one of these domains free!

Oh, and all monsterhost.com packages support SSL certificates.

This means your visitors’ browsers don’t go into a panic every time they try to access your website, and it also means that their data is kept safe.

This extra bit of credibility couldn’t hurt even if you don’t actually plan to collect sensitive data, but if you’re running a website that does need to collect sensitive data, like an eCommerce site, an SSL certificate is crucial.

No multilingual support and no emails

There are even more differences between website.com and monsterhost.com:

Web site.com Monsterhost.com
The personal package doesn’t offer multilingual support and doesn’t have email accounts. Multilingual support is available for all plans, and so are email accounts. (Beginners: 1 email account; Advanced: 3 email accounts; eCommerce: 10 email accounts)

Monsterhost.com also offers free email with cPanel when you choose sitebuilder and hosting plans. (This free email service is user-friendly, even for beginners; that’s because cPanel has a mostly graphical interface, instead of a text-based one. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of this free email account.)

And, just to really rub it in, here are even more differences between website.com and monsterhost.com:

Web site.com Monsterhost.com
Charges a “one-time setup fee” No setup fee
You can pay only with Mastercard and Visa Multiple payment options

And, even more importantly:

Cheaper plans from web site.com don’t offer SEO features 

Why is that important?

SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, is the process of optimising your web pages to increase web site traffic.

This isn’t underhanded trickery; it’s about doing things like using the same keywords your visitors use, so that you can increase web site traffic organically.

Most people don’t know whichkeywords visitors enter when they’re trying to find information, and that’s where a good web host like monsterhost.com comes in. Monsterhost.com offers SEO tools to help take the guesswork out of driving traffic to your website.

You can’t just create a website and hope that the right people will find it; every website owner who wants a competitive website looks for creative ways to increase web site traffic. So, if your web hosting company doesn’t offer SEO features when you choose their cheaper plans, they’re basically dooming you to a website that’s never visited by anyone but you.

Monsterhost.com actually cares about your website

When you choose monsterhost.com, you’re not just going for the cheaper option; you’re choosing to have a gorgeous, fast, high-traffic website.

A website is an investment. If you don’t choose the right web hosting company in the beginning, you’ll end up paying for it sooner or later, whether that’s because an ad on your website advertised your competitor’s product, or because your website plan doesn’t come with multilingual support, or because you chose a plan that doesn’t support SSL certificates and now your visitors’ anti-virus software are scaring them away from your website.

Monsterhost.com doesn’t just offer an affordable product; you’re also guaranteed to have a high-quality website with 24/7 expert support.

The wrap-up

When you’re looking for a website host, it can be overwhelming to wade through all the companies with similar-sounding names and similar-sounding products, but this decision is too important to leave to a coin toss.

The right web hosting company will support your efforts to have a website that enhances your business and your reputation. The wrong web hosting company will undermine you at every turn.

Affordability is important, but don’t just go for the company that has the cheapest options; really look at what they’re offering, to see if it makes sense for what you need your website to achieve.

Choose a web hosting company that actually cares about your website.