Are cheap SSL Certificates Worth It?

cheap ssl certificate

If you own a website you’ll need an SSL certificate. But with so many types to choose from with varying price ranges, it can be hard to decide which one to get. In fact some website owners may find that cheap SSL Certificate is worth it as features in expensive versions are not necessary for them. There’s no doubt about the importance of SSL certificates. They conceal data transfer online protecting your site visitors from cybercriminals looking to steal data. This is why website owners like encryption services in addition to other perks SSL Certificates provide.

To decide whether a cheap SSL Certificate is worth it, first get to know what your website requires. We’ll help you out with that.

Who requires an SSL Certificates?

Any website can benefit from SSL Certificates. However, if you handle sensitive customer data, you’ll need one to be complaint with certain data protection laws. Sensitive data such as user logins and banking information requires protection. As a result of not being protected cybercriminals might intercept traffic and use customer information for malicious purposes.

Depending on the web hosting service used a website security certificate may be required. For example, website owners hosting on shared services have an increased risk of traffic being intercepted by cybercriminals. This is due to the fact websites hosted share the server with other users. As a result, this could leave them open to an attack from a malicious user on the same server. Check to see what the best web hosting service is for your website to ensure secured hosting.

How to do decide if a cheap SSL certificate is worth it!

Before you buy an SSL certificate, first determine what features you’ll need on your website. As a result of researching features required owners can obtain the best certificate as well as preventing overspending. To decide if a cheap SSL Certificate is worth it, check if you only require basic encryption services. If you do not require advanced features and you have secured hosting then you can opt for SSL Certificates that are cheap.

The sites function should also be taken into consideration as advanced features might not be required therefore, a cheap SSL Certificate can be used. E-commerce website owners should select the most secure certificate to guarantee transactions are safe.

Many website owners find the lack of need for advanced features and reduction in cost is worth it.

Differences between expensive and cheap SSL Certificates:

There are differences between expensive and SSL Certificates that are cheap which impacts the price. An expensive website security certificate provides owners with more advanced features in addition to basic encryption services. Generally, a cheap SSL Certificate only provides basic features and encryption services that help secure websites.

Get to know what advanced features are offered by certificates to see their function. As a result, you can check if a cheap SSL Certificate is worth it for your website.

1. Site Seal

There are two types of site seal that website security certificates offer one is Static and the other Dynamic. The static site seal is the most basic as the only function provided is the ability for users to check if a website uses SSL.

The dynamic site seal version when clicked allows users to view information on the SSL cert. The date and time is visible so users can visitors can see the certificate has not expired.

If the ability for users and search engines to verify the certificate is still valid is not required. The cheaper static seal version might be worth it.

2. Wildcard SSL certificates

Websites that operate multiple subdomains often use more expensive certificates that offer the wild card feature. Simply put wild card provides SSL protection not only for the main domain but for all subdomains. SSL Certificates that are cheap do not provide the wild card feature therefore, only protect the main domain.

If your website does not have subdomains or they do not require SSL protection a cheap SSL Certificate might be worth it.

3. SSL certificates go through different validation levels

There are different types of validation DV, OV and EV that help verify domain name and website ownership. SSL Certificates that are cheap use DV (Domain Validation) which indicates who issued the certificate and to what domain.

The OV (Organisation Validation) and EV (Extended Validation) Certificates provide additional verification features that better protect the domain name. Information regarding the business/organisation is included within the certificate allowing visitors and search engines to verify domain ownership. EV is the best as the company name is contained within the browser search bar where the SSL padlock is affixed before the domain. Due to the fact that more extensive vetting is done for OV and EV certs by the certificate authority (CA) these versions are more expensive. EV and OV can improve rankings as search engines favor these highly vetted SSL certificates.

If you do not require the need to verify your domains ownership with business/organisation information. Then a cheap SSL Certificate that uses DV is more likely to be worth it. Standard DV certs also prove the authenticity of a website since basic vetting is carried out by the CA. So, in fact search engines like Google recognize these sites as safe. Websites without SSL are deemed “Not Secure”.

4. Not all SSLs are mobile friendly

The more expensive the SSL certificate the more protection it offers mobile users. Unfortunately, not all cheap SSL Certificates provide this feature. If you only wish to protect desktop users, then not all cheap SSL certificates are worth it. Do some research to find SSL certificate providers who offer mobile compatibility.

Sectigo/Comodo Positive DV SSL certificates are some of the cheapest on the web. They are compatible with 99.3% of all browsers including:

  • Chrome 3+ (above)
  • Firefox 1+ (above)
  • Safari all browsers
  • Opera 7+ (above)
  • Android (carrier specific)
  • Iphone, Ipad Safari
  • RIM Blackberry

For Positive DV SSL certificates check here.

5. SSL certs come with different warranties

Expensive SSL Certificates provide websites warranty guarantees up to $1,000,000. Warranty is provided to protect consumers in the event money is lost due to cybercriminals. If banking info is stolen and used for malicious purposes the consumer can be compensated. Businesses making large transactions online should opt for the most secure certificate that has the most warranty possible. Alternatively, SSL certificates that are cheap only offer warranty up to $10,000 to protect low transaction consumers.

If a website does not require warranty for consumer protection above $10,000 then a cheap SSL certificate is worth it.

How website security is improved using a certificate

Buy an SSL Certificate to ensure a secured hosting service that improves website security. When websites have a certificate installed data is sent over an encrypted SSL Connection. As a result of data being sent encrypted it becomes unreadable if intercepted by cybercriminals. Encryption helps prevent consumer data from being used for malicious purposes. Read this article to learn about SSL Stripping and how to avoid it.

Not only does a certificate improve security to protect customers it can be used to verify ownership of the domain. Domain Validation helps to prevent a certificate from being stolen and used by an unauthorized website. This is due to the fact both users and search engines are able to see what domain is authorized to use the certificate. The OV and EV Certificates provide additional verification steps as the authorized organisation/business can be checked. If cybercriminals steal the certificate to create phishing websites both search engines and users can be made aware.

Where do I buy a Cheap SSL Certificate? has a many cheap SSL Certificates on sale for a range of requirements. In fact, they are produce by Sectigo – a leading Certificate Authority. So, no matter your budget and website needs, you can select the best one for your website.