Quick and Easy Steps to Resolve 502 Bad Gateway Issues

502 bad gateway

Let’s face it, a large percentage of the world’s population uses the internet. Not only do persons use the internet so stay connected with friends and family, but it is where business takes place as well. In fact, several businesses have moved completely online.

While the internet is fast and efficient .there are a number of things that can go wrong during your online interaction. Since most of them are not unique, codes have been assigned to the major errors to help us narrow down the possible cause. A 502 bad gateway error signals that there is a high probability the issue lies within server settings. To reduce your instances of downtime and faulty servers use yourwebsite for all your website needs, and more.

If you are a website developer, then the error is for you to correct, and we have solutions provided below. However, we also have solutions for mere website visitors. For example, users might be the first to inform a website owner that a website is returning an error.

First, we look at possible causes of 502 bad gateway errors.

What Causes 502 Bad Gateway Errors?

  1. Firewalls: it is possible that firewalls mistake innocent requests for malicious ones and prevent the transmission
  2. Downed servers: there may be an issue with the host server.
  3. Website overload: like everything else, a website can have too many users. When this happens, whether it is genuine traffic or deliberate such as a DDoS attack, a website will return a 502 bad gateway error.
  4. Faulty codes and scripts: a 502 bad gateway is likely to be returned when programming language has been written incorrectly

Below we explore 502 bad gateway errors from the standpoint of various players and provide solutions ranging from simple to technical.

Types 502 Bad Gateway Errors

1. Localized 502 Bad Gateway Errors

The possibility exists that you are the only one experiencing this error on a given server. To determine if the 502 bad gateway error is temporary or affecting only you, try the following:

  1. Refresh the page you are trying to load: it is preferable to do a forced refresh as this prompts the computer to bypass your cache to load the website. There are several methods of doing a forced refresh, including simultaneously depressing the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F5’ (PC) and ‘Shift’ and ‘R’ (Mac) keys.
  2. Use an outage reporting website: there are websites such as ‘Down Detector’, ‘Is It Down Right Now’, and ‘Down For Everyone Or Just Me’ that can tell you if the problem is localized or is affecting all visitors to the website. If the report shows it is website related then try again later.

2. Hardware and Software Related Errors

It is rare that the problem is as a direct result of your device, system and equipment, but it is better to perform diagnostic steps methodically. To determine if the 502 bad gateway error is specific to your browser, try the following:

  1. Change browsers: if changing your browser results in the website loading, then this signals a localized error confined to your browser. Restarting the browser after closing all programs will usually solve this.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies: the idea is to remove all the information stored in your browser about sites you have visited to force your computer to retrieve the latest versions of websites.

Other fixes could be resetting networking equipment, especially your router, and restarting your computer.

3. Server-related 502 Bad Gateway Errors

If you are the website owner, there are a few things you can do to resolve a 502 bad gateway error. However, before you do anything, we recommend completing a ping or traceroute. These help you to check the path between your computer and the server in question.

A successful ping is one that returns a ‘Reply’ from the server when a test packet is sent. Traceroutes work by following the path of packets to identify the one with the slowest route. Unsuccessful pings and traceroutes signal server issues.

DNS Settings

Recent changes in web hosting providers could result in 502 bad gateway errors if the transfer has not yet been completed. You can either wait a few hours, or check your DNS settings. Switching to yourwebsite for web hosting services guarantees a smooth transition, and the comfort of knowing you will never need to switch providers again.

Content delivery networks

Developers using a CDN can disable its function temporarily. If your CDN proves to be the culprit, you can perform a speed test, or check your settings to see if it is integrated. Cloudflare users, for example, may find the option to ‘Pause Website’ under ‘Overview’.


Since your error logs are designed to list the issues you encounter during the operations of your website, it is a useful tool to help identify any issues which may be causing a 502 bad gateway. If you have not configured error logs, WordPress users may do this in their ‘wp-config’ file.

Additionally, you may extend this search to your website’s code if you are knowledgeable enough about coding.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress users may or may not be able to access their Dashboard when faced with a 502 bad gateway error. If you can access it, deactivate your plugins one by one to see if they are the cause. If access is denied however, you can also do it through phpMyAdmin.

Contact your host

Server maintenance or other routine tasks may cause servers to temporarily disrupt users’ website functioning. Contact your host, and remember, you might be the first to bring their attention to the error. Also, if all your attempts fail to resolve the issue, contact your host. There are additional checks that your host can perform to help you resolve the issue.


Whether you are a frontend or backend website user, 502 bad gateway errors, and every error for that matter, are not what we want to greet us when we go browsing. But by following the solutions shared today, you should undaunted and feel more empowered to resolve 502 bad gateway issues.