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.design TLD Origins

On May 12, 2015, the .design suffix was made available to the public. It is part ICANN’s new generic domain name proposition that allows websites to be tailored for advertising and branding. To showcase your online venture, you can register on and host it.


Who uses .design domains?

  • Web and graphic designers 
  • Interior and fashion designers 
  • Landscape and architectural designers – Why register a .design? is the UK’s leading hosting provider. You can register, renew, and transfer a domain name with .design. Go to the domain registration and register your preferred business/personal URL. Once you have completed the registration process, you can pay the amount. You will be distinguished from all other users of, .uk domains by having a .design domain. This domain allows you to personalize your marketing strategy as a designer and improves your business conversion rate.


FAQs about .Design domain

Designers are artists, regardless of whether they design fashion, websites or lighting. We are proud that we offer the industry standard domain. Design is affordable.

MonsterHost offers web hosting services. Each package comes with its own customer base. There are four hosting packages. The most popular package among MonsterHost customers is the Advanced Package, but the Business Package suits the .design domain. You get additional features like free SSL, better storage, and bandwidth. To make your website load faster, there are more designs online. You will need more storage space as well as bandwidth.

All year, you get customer support around the clock. You also get a domain free of charge for all 4 packages, as well as SSL with the ultimate and business packages. It also offers all the online services you need: .design registration, hosting and transfer, as well as renewal.

Monsterhost provides domain ID protection to hide domain ownership from prying eyes. When you purchase the Ultimate and Business hosting packages, you also get SSL protection. Customer service is available 24/7 in the event of any security concern.

Yes. It takes only 3 steps to complete the domain transfer process. First, get an authorization code for your domain host. Next, paste it on the Monsterhost transfer page. 

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